MINK: (cbcs)
Unlike Traditional Ragdolls which are born white, Minks are born with full color and still come in all the traditional colors and
patterns (see our "
About Ragdolls" page). The coat of a Mink is smoother and much softer, and has a darker and richer point
color than the Traditional Ragdoll. The body color of a Mink is a few grades lighter then their points. Mink Ragdolls have aqua
colored eyes (which can vary from blue with just a hint of green to almost fully green). To produce a Mink at least one parent
must be a Mink, Sepia, or a Ccb Solid.

SEPIA: (cbcb)
Sepia Ragdolls are substantially darker coated than their Mink litter mates. They often have a more plush coat than Minks and
their eye color is green/gold , but blue(ish) and odd eyes are possible. Sepias are also born with full color and come in all
traditional colors including smoke or silver. Sepias can only be produced when both parents are minks, one parent is a Mink
and the other Sepia, or both parents are a Ccb Solids.

SOLID: (Ccs, Ccb, or CC)
Solid Ragdolls are the darkest and highest contrast of all Ragdolls. Solids (non-pointed) are also referred to as "self-colored".
The body color and the point color of the Solid Ragdoll are the same, a single color throughout. This is in contrast to the
'pointed' variety, where the body color is a shade or more lighter than their point color (ears, nose, tail, & legs). Solid Ragdolls
can be seen in the following colors: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream, Calico, Blue-Cream, or White. All these colors can
be accompanied by tabby, smoke, or silver. The overlaying patterns are the same for both the Solid and the Traditional Ragdolls.
The Solid Ragdoll's eyes can come in all colors including odd eyes with preference to be given to green. Solid Ragdolls can only
be produced if one of the parents is a Solid. However, Solids can also carry the traditional/pointed or the Mink gene, but not
both. Some Solids do not carry either pointed nor the mink gene and can only produce Solids.
Mink, Sepia, and Solid Ragdolls are purebred and TICA registered. They have the same characteristics and personality as
traditional Ragdolls in every way. These true Ragdolls are not a new breed of Ragdoll and has been around since the beginning
of the Ragdoll breed and can be traced back to the first Ragdolls by Ann Baker. Only a handful of breeders are devoted to
continuing to breed Mink, Sepia, and Solid Ragdolls. Here at Heaven's Ragdolls we promote all the colorful varieties of the
Ragdoll breed, because other than having different markings a mink, Sepia, and Solid Ragdoll is just that, a true Ragdoll!!!
Ccs Solid - solid cat carrying the pointed gene
Ccd Solid - solid cat carrying the mink (Burmese) gene
CC Solid -  solid cat that does not carry either genes